1964 Beech Baron B55 (N15T)


Interested parties can contact Mike Piccirilli at (314) 705-9250 or mike.piccirilli@wingsofhope.ngo


This Baron is being Sold “As Is, Where Is”.  Because of the amount of work needed to make it airworthy, we are strongly giving preference to a buyer who would trailer it away.

This Baron has 6,926 TT, engines have 1,048 SMOH and props are 906 since new.  It was last annualed in 8/2014 and ferried to KSUS from Napa, CA in Sept 2017 (with the gear extended). 

The ferry flight from CA in 2017 had these documented discrepancies:

  • Gear Up/Down Lts InO. Gear retract test failed. Flew with gear down.
  • Ldg Gear breaker broken, its wire moved to Cabin Lights breaker. Cabin Lts breaker wires taken off and taped.
  • Transponder was intermittent.
  • Glove/Map box missing
  • Left Tachometer appears to have failed.
  • Whiskey compass is dry.
  • Cabin heater fuel line disconnected by previous owner.
  • ADF and RNAV units InOp
  • EGT gauge unusable
  • O/H cabin light lens melted
  • O/H air duct scoop will not remain closed and seal is nonexistent
  • M800 Davtron chronometer InOp
  • Aux fuel gauges very inaccurate

A pre-buy inspection provided these additional findings:

  • Compressions
    • Left Engine: 1/70, 2/60, 3/54, 4/66, 5/62, 6/56
    • Right Engine: 1/60, 2/68, 3/58, 4/50, 5/40 Exhaust leak, 6/70
  • The #5 cylinder on the right engine was the only bad egg with a substantial exhaust leak. It will not pass an annual inspection and will need to be repaired. Minimum pressure is 45 psi.
  • Some minor corrosion in wings that could stand to be treated with Corrosion X. 


  • Manufactured By: Beech Baron
  • Year Manufactured: 1964
  • Aircraft Model: 95—B55 (T42A)
  • Serial Number: TC-626
  • Hobbs: 1,136
  • Total Airframe Time Since New: 6,926 Hours 

Annual Inspection

  • Last Annual Completed:  08/01/2014
  • Ferry Flight from Napa, CA to KSUS: Sept 2017


  • Manufacture: Teledyne Continental
  • Model: Left: IO-470-L26B S/N: 297503-R   
    • Right: IO-470-L26B S/N: 297504-R
  • Engine Total Time Since New: Left: 1,048, Right: 1,048 Hours
  • Remanufactured 09/1994.
  • HP- 260
  • Recommended TBO: 1,700 hours


  • Manufactured By: McCauley
  • Models: Left: 2AF34C55-NO Right: 2AF34C55-KMO
  • Hub Serial Number Left: 712506 Right: 693802
  • Time Since New – Left: 906 Hours Right: 906 Hours


  • Audio Panel: King KMA24
  • Nav/Com: King KX175B
  • ADF: King KR85
  • DME: King KN74

Additional Information

  • All Airframe, Propeller and Engine Logbooks Available
  • Vortex Generators
  • Dual Yoke

Exterior: White with Medium Blue and Dark Blue trim (Oxidized, may be able to be rejuvenated)

Interior:  Blue Fabric and beige trim (good seats to fair sidewall condition)

Weight and Balance Data (from 3/29/99)*

  • Basic Empty Weight = 3,347.5 Pounds
  • Max Seat Capacity =  6
  • Useful Load            =  1,752.5 Pounds
  • Gross Weight            =  5,100 Pounds
  • Empty Weight CG: =   79 Inches

* (Refer to Pilots Operating Handbook Wt. & Balance Record)

       Total Fuel Capacity: 136 Useable Gallons


Internal Aft Fuselage

Internal Left Wing #1

Internal Left Wing #2

Internal Right Wing #1

Internal Right Wing #2

Internal Right Wing #3

Nose Baggage Compartment

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