1979 Cessna 182RG: Flyable Project - N756PL

Interested parties can contact Mike Piccirilli at (314) 705-9250 or mike.piccirilli@wingsofhope.ngo


The 182RG is a High Performance and Complex aircraft, providing comfortable seating for 4. It has only 3187 TT, 1418 SMOH, a 3 blade prop (1100 hr since New), and an ADS-B Out tail beacon. The avionics are original Cessna vintage with a 400 Auto-Pilot and King DME. Upgrades include Rosen Visors and a Precise Flight Standby Vacuum System. Paint appears to have been refreshed and is OK. The Interior appears to be original and is in Good shape though the carpet is faded and the headliner and plastic are yellowed. We have all the Logbooks.

Our 182RG was donated with an identified, and FAA documented, early-life “hard landing” incident that collapsed the nose gear. When we had the Annual inspection performed, we also found repaired internal damage to the right-Wing leading edge (documented in a 337) as well as some undocumented repairs performed in the left Wing Leading Edge and right Horizontal Stabilizer. The IA that performed the Inspection pointed out some of the RH Wing repairs do not match the 337 Engineering and some workmanship is questionable. Because of these issues, and the fact that the right-Wing fuel tank (wet wing) has a fuel leak that has been unable to be repaired over the last few years annuals, we determined that replacement of the right Wing was likely the most efficient way to proceed. The number of discrepancies documented (see attached) is more than we want to get involved with so we’ve decided to sell it “As Is”, at a discounted price. The plane was flown to KSUS last month. We will assist the buyer obtain a Special Flight Permit, if desired.

Additional Equipment Installed/Information                          

  • Complete Log Books
  • Rosen Sun Visors
  • Precise Flight Standby Vacuum System

Damage History:

  • Hard Landing with Nose Gear Collapse, May 1997 in Riverside, CA. (Repairs documented in logbook)
  • Repairs were made to R/H Wing Leading Edge and internal structure. Documented in 2016 337. 
  • See January 2021 Annual Inspection Discrepancy List for open items needing repair. Aircraft being sold “As Is, Where Is”.  It will require a Special Flight Permit to be flown our of KSUS.

Exterior: Original paint scheme, paint appears to have been refreshed.  Rated as Fair – Good.

Interior:  Appears to be original.  Good condition but faded and plastic yellowed. 

Summary of Significant Discrepancies

  • Replace the Right-Wing w/serviceable Unit: Avoid the repair hours required to satisfy the 337 Engineering documented, repair workmanship issues and find and stop the “wet wing” fuel tank leak.
  • Repair Left Wing workmanship issues
  • Replace Rudder with serviceable Unit: Rather than repairing corrosion
  • Redo the elevator trim cable installation
  • Replace the cherry max rivets in right Horizontal Tail with solid rivets


  • Manufactured By: Cessna
  • Year Manufactured: 1979
  • Aircraft Model: R182 (182RG)
  • Serial Number: R18201124
  • Total Airframe Time: 3186.5
  • Tach Time: 2660.0 (original Tach replaced at 526.5)

Inspection Status

  • Date Last Annual Completed: 1/2/18 (Annual Inspection performed Jan 2022 but discrepancies not repaired) January 2022 compressions: 77, 78, 79, 75, 73, 79)
  • Donor flew to KSUS from CA, in December 2021 (10 hrs flight time)
  • Date of Last 91.411/413 Checks: August 2013


  • Type/Model: O-540-J3C5D
  • Engine Serial Number: RL-21467-40A
  • Manufactured By: Lycoming
  • Engine Total Time: 1417.7 (“0” time factory O/H 9/12/94)
  • Time SMOH: 1417.7
  • HP: 235
  • TBO: 2000


  • Manufactured By: McCauley (3 Blade)
  • Model: B3D36C433-B
  • Propeller Serial Number: 980771
  • Propeller Time Since New: 1099.3 (installed 10/8/98)
  • Time SMOH: 462.8 (O/H 6/3/05)


  • (x2) NAV/COMs: Cessna RT-385A
  • Audio/Marker Beacon: Cessna
  • Transponder: Cessna RT-459A (ADS-B Tail Beacon)
  • ADF: Cessna 300 ADF
  • DME: King KN-62A
  • AutoPilot: Cessna 300A Navomatic
  • Intercom: Sigtronics 400

Weight and Balance Data

  • Basic Empty Weight   = 11863.7
  • Max Seat Capacity       = 4
  • Useful Load                      = 3
  • Gross Weight                  = 3,100
  • Empty Weight CG        = 35.81

* (Refer to Wt. & Balance Record 9/24/15)

Total Fuel Capacity: 92 Gallons (88 useable)

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