Price: $22,000

Interested parties can contact Mike Piccirilli at (314) 705-9250 or

Specs & Notes

To our best knowledge, this Vortex has never been flown. There are no logbooks included.
As best as I can determine the Vortex is equipped as follows:

  • All Standard Equipment, as shown on the brochure
  • ROTAX 582
  • PowerFin 3 Blade Prop
  • Electrical Package w/Nav/Position Strobes
  • Instrument Panel
  • Welded Exhaust
  • Microair MA-760 Transceiver
  • PAI-700 Vertical Card Compass
  • New battery

Included are:

  • Special Airworthiness Certificate
  • Operating limitations (40 hours has not been flown)
  • Sport Copter Vortex Assembly Manual
  • ROTAX Maintenance Manual
  • Vortex Prep for Flight Manual
  • Various Instructional Videos


  • We will sell for the donation value of $22,000 (regular sale, FAA bill of sale provided immediately)
  • We are open to lower offers, but any acceptable offer, less than donation value, will need to be via a “Lease to Buy”
    • Offer Price (minus $1,000) is required upon delivery
    • IRS 36 month holding period ends on June 23, 2021
    • Final $1,000 is due June 23, 2021 (FAA bill of sale will be provided as soon as funds received)
    • Insurance ($1M liability and hull insurance) must be maintained w/Wings of Hope as named insured

Please don’t hesitate to call with questions or if you’d like to view it.

The video above is a demonstration of a Sport Copter.