2012 Van's RV-6 - N156CM


Interested parties can contact Mike Piccirilli at (314) 705-9250 or mike.piccirilli@wingsofhope.ngo


This nice Van’s RV-6 example was donated by a 2-time builder from Maryland. He recently has completed an RV-7 and can only fly one plane at a time. He made the choice to donate in order to diminish his liability risk as a builder and because he believes in Wings of Hope Mission. His one requirement when making his donation decision was that he wanted an independent maintenance facility to perform a Condition Inspection to verify his build quality. We jointly chose Base Leg Maintenance, the preeminent RV maintenance shop, located in Peachtree City, GA. The RV passed the Condition Inspection with a glowing endorsement on this RV-6 build quality. It certainly has caused a stir in our hangar by how nice it looks. On the retrieval flight from GA, FlightAware was showing 165 – 170 MPH @ 6,000′ and the ferry pilot reported the fuel flow at 8.8 GPH. It’s a VFR, night flight ready, simple aircraft to enjoy!

Known Squawks:

  • There was bird-strike damage on right outboard leading edge. Repaired by builder/donor. Painted at last Condition Inspection. The quality of paint is disappointing (while white, there is no gloss on the repaired panel).
  • Misfitting fuel caps discovered during ferry flight fixed by replacing rubber “O” rings.
  • Left MLG inboard fairing became distorted during ferry flight (see Photo). WoH volunteer has repaired.
  • In Cruise flight, constant application of Right rudder is required. Discussed with Donor and he acknowledged that the existing rudder trim addition needs to be increased in size.
  • Windshield has a 1 – 2″ crack that is stop-drilled.
  • The canopy has small cracks around some fasteners.
  • The backup Altimeter’s (steam gauge) has a broken pressure adjustment knob.

Additional Equipment Installed/Information

  • Complete Log Books
  • Slider Canopy
  • Newer starter, tires, battery, and 406 ELT
  • All Van’s SBs C/W
    • Parts/Instructions for S/B #36, rev C, included – not due until cracks found
  • Condition Inspection just performed by Base Leg Maintenance (Peachtree, GA)
  • Rudder Pedals optimized for taller pilots (5’11” and taller)
  • Pilot Side Brake
  • Not currently approved for Aerobatic Flight (new owner would have to put it back into Phase 1 testing)
  • Spare used alternator is included.
  • External rudder lock included.

Exterior: Painted in 2013.  Very Good condition.  Overall white with Blue.

Interior: Original in Very Good condition, Navy Blue vinyl and fabric.


  • Manufacturer: John C Moody
  • Model Year: 2012
  • Aircraft Model: RV-6
  • Serial Number: 20361
  • Total Airframe Time: 1431.7
  • Tach Time: 1431.7

Inspection Status

  • Date of 97, 411 check: 5/27/22
  • Date Last Condition Inspection: 10/23/23
  • Date Flown into KSUS: 11/1/23


  • Type/Model: O-320-D1A
  • Engine Serial Number: L-17402-39A
  • Manufacturer: Lycoming
  • Engine Total Time 1431.7
  • Time SNew: 1431.7
  • Time STOH: 295.7 (all cylinders repaired/replaced on 8/13/20)
  • HP: 150
  • TBO: 2000


  • Manufacturer: Sensenich
  • Model: 70CM759-0-80
  • Propeller Serial Number: 101746K
  • Propeller Time Since New: 1431.7


Unit Manufacturer Model Notes
Elec Flt Info Sys Dynon EFIS-D6
GPS Garmin 196 Moving Map VFR
ADS-B Out Free Flight FDL-978-TX Lite
Transponder Garmin GTX 327
Nav Com Garmin SL40
Engine Info Sys Grand Rapids 4000
Intercom PS Engrg PM 3000

Weight & Balance Data

Basic Empty Weight 1024
Max Seat Capacity 2
Useful Load 576
Gross Weight 1600
Empty Weight CG 69.9

* (Refer to Wt. & Balance Record 5/10/96)

Total Fuel Capacity: 38 Gallons

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