Welcome to Wings of Hope’s Aircraft Sales Site

Aircraft Sales

Wings of Hope has aircraft for sale. Your purchase of any aircraft on this site will be used to continue funding our domestic MAT Program and our international field sites. This support will lift those in need towards self sufficiency.

Check out our aircraft for sale page and find your new plane today! Inventory will be updated often, so remember to check back for the latest additions. If you have any questions on any of these aircraft, please contact Mike Piccirilli at mike.piccirilli@wingsofhope.ngo.

About Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope is a humanitarian aviation organization operating on a global scale from St. Louis, Missouri. Founded in 1962, Wings of Hope has established 157 operations in 47 countries, changing and saving lives through the power of aviation. Domestically Wings operates the Medical Relief and Air Transport (MAT) Program, providing medical air transport services, free of charge, to individuals who need specialized medical care that is not available to them locally. The MAT Program services an area in a 600-mile radius of our St. Louis headquarters, spanning 26 States.

Learn more about Wings of Hope on our website: wingsofhope.ngo.